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Palavicini Lab Grants

The Palavicini lab in collaboration with multiple laboratories at UT Health SA and external institutions, frequently submits grant applications to the National Institutes of Health and foundations. Below you can find a list of our most recently funded grants.


2024 William and Ella Owens Medical Research Foundation Award

Palavicini JP (PI)

Koronowski K (co-I)


Modeling late-onset Alzheimer’s via gene-environment interactions: Effects of circadian disruption in mice expressing the whole human MAPT gene

The goals of this project are to model LOAD in mice using novel and clinically-relevant combinations of gene-environment interactions and assess the sex-specific effects of circadian asynchrony on AD neuropathologies and cognitive performance.

Total Award Amount (including Indirect Costs): $200,000.00

Pepper OAIC Multi-Center Pilot grant

Palavicini JP (PI)

Murton AJ (co-I)


Inhibition of ceramide synthesis: a viable strategy to reverse metabolic determinants of sarcopenic obesity?

The goals of this project are to establish marmosets as a model of sarcopenic obesity and test the hypothesis that ceramide lowering will improve metabolic abnormalities.

Total Award Amount (including Indirect Costs): $100,000.00


Glenn Foundation for Medical Research
and AFAR Grant for Junior Faculty

Palavicini JP (PI)


Mechanisms and consequences of ceramide losses in long-lived growth hormone deficient mice

The goal of this study is to test the hypothesis that systemic ceramide reductions are sufficient and necessary for improved healthspan in growth hormone deficient mice.

Total Award Amount (including Indirect Costs): $125,000.00

American Federation for Aging Research_e

Alzheimer’s Association AARG-D 846013

Hopp S/Palavicini JP (MPI)


PLCG2 AD variants in microglial lipid metabolism and calcium signaling

The goal of this project is to determine the effects of PLCG2 risk and protective variants on brain and microglia lipid metabolism and downstream signaling.

Total Award Amount (including Indirect Costs): $150,000.00

Alzheimer's Association_edited.png

NIH/NIA P30 AG044271 (7978)

Salmon A (PI of RC1)

Palavicini (co-I)


RC1-Pre-Clinical Research Core Leader-in-Training

The Pre-clinical Research Core (RC1) of the San Antonio Pepper Older Americans Independence Center provides the knowledge, skills, and technical support to assist investigators in using the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) as a pre-clinical model for translational geroscience research.

NIH NIA_edited.png


Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Han X/Palavicini JP (MPI)


Identification and validation of plasma-based lipid biomarkers for early Alzheimer’s disease in the unique, primarily Hispanic, South Texas population

Total Award Amount (including Indirect Costs): $200,000.00


NIH/NIA P30 AG044271 (7973)

PI: Shireman P (REC)/RL5 Scholar: Palavicini JP


Effects of mTOR inhibition on central and peripheral ceramide metabolism in old marmosets and cognitively impaired human subjects

Total Award Amount (including Indirect Costs): $200,000.00


ADA Grant #1-15-MI-07

Han X (PI)/Palavicini JP (Fellow)

01/01/15 –12/31/17

American Diabetes Association

Role: Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Mechanistic study on sulfatide deficiency in diabetes and its relationship with dementia.

Total Award Amount (including Indirect Costs): $121,500.00

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